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Tom Silver is one of the leading teachers in Scientific & Clinical EEG Hypnotherapy. He is the author of four books on hypnotism, and Tom Silver has toured the world conducting advanced Scientific hypnotherapy & EEG training courses in China, England, Taiwan, Italy, & in the USA Tom Silver’s Hypnotism training videos & Self help hypnosis programs are available by visiting the Tom Silver Institute of Hypnosis website at or You can contact at, or phone us at 805 525-5500 to speak to us

Imagine being able to have a peaceful night’s sleep and awakening naturally in the morning feeling very refreshed and rejuvenated. Just by using this recording you are now on the road to “Better Sleep” through this Selp Hypnosis reconditioning program with transformationial Imaging and soothing entrainment soundscapes and frequency To get the best results please use this program once a night for at least 20 or morenights in a row to develope a natual new pattern of sleeping very peacefully at night

Tom Silver Entertainment / TV’s Favorite Hypnotist

Tom Silver is not only a world-renowned hypnosis trainer and innovator, he is also dedicated to reaching the masses about hypnosis through entertainment. He believes that Hypnosis has the benefit of not only being an effective tool for psychological therapies, but, in a broader spectrum, can also be of significant and legitimate value as a form of entertainment – much like music. Whereas music is viewed primarily as entertainment, it is also widely recognized as an effective therapy (American Music Therapy Association). Inversely, Hypnosis is viewed primarily as a therapy, but is also recognized for its established use in the Entertainment Industry through what has been termed “Stage Hypnosis Shows.” It’s a fact that millions of people are fascinated by hypnosis and are delightfully entertained to see it demonstrated by professional Stage Hypnotists. Stage Hypnosis opens up an entirely new and additional income stream for those hypnotherapist who also have the gift of being able to entertain others. Tom Silver makes no apology for actively promoting and advancing awareness of hypnosis through his many appearances on national television programs earning him the moniker of “TV’s Favorite Hypnotist.” In addition he has conducted dozens of “Stage Hypnosis” Shows for Corporation and Company Events, Half-time Sporting Events (NBA and Arena Football) and Celebrity Parties (Chuck Norris, Heather Locklear, et. al.)

A List of Just Some of Tom’s TV Appearances:

    • “Brainwashed” on Discovery Channel’s “Curiosity”

    • “The Doctors” CBS

    • ” The Jeff Probst Show” CBS

    • “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”

    • “Hypnotized” – Tom’s very own one hour CBS Television Special

    • “Powers of The Paranormal” a Fox Television Special

    • “Jimmy Kimmel Live”

    • “The Montel Williams Show”

    • “The Ricki Lake Show”

    • “The Sally Jesse Rafael Show”

    • “The Man Show”

    • “Beyond” with James Van Praagh

    • “The Other Half” on NBC with Dick Clark