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Tom Silver Presents

BLINK HYPNOSIS – A Split Second Trance Induction

A Brand New Deep Induction Method Get “Hands-On” Training Video from Tom Silver


Eyes Blinking, Instant Physical Hypnosis Induction Method, ‘BLINK’ is a revolutionary Split Second Trance Induction Method that produces the deepest and most receptive states of hypnosis in a matter of seconds.

This technique is great for hypnotherapists, NLP therapists and students of hypnotism. You can perform this deep trance induction method anytime and in any place.


In this DVD, you will be able to actually see the technique being conducted live by your instructor, master of hypnosis, Tom Silver, and you will be able to practice BLINK Hypnosiswith the class right in your own home. BLINK will astound you, and it is easy to learn.


Be sure to watch for Tom Silver’s other hypnosis inductions and methods which will be available soon on this web site.

BLINK HYPNOSIS – A Split Second Trance Induction DVD

$79.95 Regular Price
$49.95Sale Price
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