As a pioneer in the development of Scientific Hypnosis, I discovered that employing the electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor brainwave activity during hypnosis sessions has become an invaluable tool in perfecting new induction methods, as well as its use in the application of hypnotherapy techniques. As a result or my research and experimentation, I have developed a new, ground-breaking Scientific Hypnosis Therapy technique that I call Emotion Replacement Therapy or E.R.T®.

E.R.T.®, Emotion Replacement Therapy®, is a cutting-edge technological Hypnosis Therapy Process that can be used to rapidly reprogram the subconscious mind (a bio-subconscious computer) to remove “mental viruses” such as fears, phobias, negative habits, addictions, anxiety, depression, stress, anger, OCD and PTSD and other negative thought-based maladies by replacing those negative mental, emotional or psychosomatic physical disorders with new, positive habits and healthy emotions.

By utilizing a variety of my original physical and rapid induction techniques that produce “theta” and “delta” states of brainwave activity, the EEG can scientifically monitor when these more accurate and deeper levels of hypnosis are reached. It is at this critical state that the application of E.R.T. achieves its greatest effectiveness.

In most cases Emotion Replacement Therapy (E.R.T.®) has proven to be more successful than traditional hypnosis/hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and prescription medicine symptom reducers and limiters.

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Your New Secret Weapon — Get Better Results, More Quickly and Permanently — and Leave Your Competition Miles Behind!

As a Scientific Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 35 years of experience, I was frustrated by the seemingly large number of sessions that was sometimes necessary to achieve the desired results. I began searching for a way to create lasting changes in the shortest possible time. What I discovered is what I now call Emotion Replacement Therapy®, or E.R.T.® for short.

E.R.T.® produces astonishing results very quickly. With my cutting-edge technological therapy process you will be able to rapidly reprogram the subconscious mind (our bio-subconscious computer), plagued with negative mind activity that produces excessive anxieties, emotional fears, negative habits and addictions, psychosomatic physical disorders, stress, anger, OCD, PTSD and other mental maladies… removing and replacing them with new, positive emotions and habits,  more self-confidence, improved self-esteem, increased energy and vitality.

Once the emotions and the neuro-chemicals that are stimulated and produced by these triggers, or incorrect cognitive thought processes are deleted and removed from a person’s subconscious “hard drive”, then the new positive emotions, triggers and links are subconsciously downloaded and installed in the client’s subconscious mind which enables them to have a better quality of life and a total freedom from the underlying symptoms and direct causes that have limited their true freedoms in life.

The potential is virtually limitless with E.R.T.®, and will allow you to help your clients more effectively than ever before. Imagine being able to help your clients to quit smoking in just one session.

In the research I’ve conducted over the past 25 years with thousands of clients, Emotion Replacement Therapy (E.R.T.®) has been far more successful than traditional hypnosis or hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and prescription medicine symptom reducers and limiters.