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An International Murder Mystery Based on Real Events

In 1993, Taiwanese Navy Captain Yin Ching-Feng was found murdered by a local fisherman in Eastern Taiwan. Two years earlier, the Taiwanese Navy had signed a two billion dollar deal with France for the delivery of Lafayette warships to Taiwan. Major defects were discovered within the warships, and after the murder of Captain Yin, it became clear that corruption within the ranks was front and center in the scandal that rocked France and Taiwan. The Taiwanese Navy superiors recruit hypnotist Tom Silver as a secret agent to help solve the crimes with hypnosis.

Can He Do It!!!

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Recruited as a special agent for Taiwan’s Department of Defense and Secret Service, Hypnotist Tom Silver is quickly embroiled in investigating the murder of a Taiwanese Naval officer, as well as the biggest international weapons procurement scandal in Taiwan and French history.


The Taiwanese Government expects the impossible, asking Tom to develop a method for hypnotizing imprisoned military officers against their will in order to get to the truth of who killed Captain Yin. While working the case, the hypnotist is haunted by nightmares from childhood trauma, alcoholism, and the fact that at any moment he may be killed by Taiwan’s Mafia known as the Blue Gang.


Based on his true-life story, this novel will captivate the reader as Tom works through the pressures of being TV’s Favorite Hypnotist, the pain of everyday life, and self-discovery. Share in his emotions as Tom struggles with a dying marriage, fears, and the issues of his past. Be inspired in Tom’s ability to never give up, no matter what the odds.

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“From the moment I met Tom Silver, not only did true love abound between us, but a fascination for his work and his life story captured me. Having been married to him for over a decade, and having studied his unique methods of hypnosis, I now have the privilege and ability to tell his story. This novel is written from the standpoint of knowing this man, understanding this man, and providing not only the difficulties of his life, but the uplifting nature of his survival. Individuals of all walks of life can learn from his experiences and will be inspired by him, and will ultimately be able to understand and relate to this unique and incredible man.”

Having come from a long line of great story- tellers, she was the perfect person to write Tom Silver’s story.

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