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This is a full hypnosis 9 video course which includes hypnosis induction methods & techniques, The contract with your client, how to conduct live hypnotherapy sessions, The new cutting edge therapy called Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT)® created by Tom Silver for rapid successful sessions to stop smoking, remove fears and phobias, drug addictions, habit switch and other challenges your clients might have.

This 9 video set also teaches you Neuro-feedback which is the art of EEG Scientific Hypnosis to monitor brain wave frequencies during your hypnosis sessions. This is a comprehensive full Scientific Hypnosis Video training course which is recommended to every person use practices hypnosis and hypnotherapy and also to students who want to learn hypnosis in a academic scientific way.


Stop learning methods that are over 150 years old and learn the true art and science of Scientific Hypnosis from me Tom Silver, international trainer and expert in advanced Neuro-Science Hypnosis. As a pioneer in hypnosis research and methodology, Tom is the creator of Emotion Replacement Therapy® (ERT), and he continues to advance the development and teaching of EEG Scientific Hypnotism, touring the world conducting seminars, lectures, and live demonstrations of his latest scientifically verifiable hypnosis techniques.

For many years Tom has successfully trained thousands of students of hypnotism and other therapists, and is currently teaching his advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy courses in America, England, Australia, Holland, China and around the world. As a result, he has become established as a world-leading expert in the education and instruction of these exciting and effective new methods and techniques to the next generation of aspiring Scientific Hypnosis professionals.

Tom Silver has also worked with the Medical Doctors in Holland to teach them hypnosis and also to show the amazing effects that can be created with hypnosis for pain and sensitivity removal during surgical procedures. Hypnosis is now being used as a form of medical and psychological treatments in many hospitals in the United States and around the world.

Tom Silver was the first hypnotist in the world to create a procedure for mass-hypnotizing a large audience of subjects in a foreign language using an interpreter… a technique that has become known as “Interlingual Hypnotic Trance Induction.”

Tom Silver was honored with the “Gold Plate of Honor” from Taiwan’s Department of Defense in 1997 for his work in a high-level Investigation using his original methods of Forensic Hypnosis.


Through this and other related experiences, Tom later authored the ground-breaking book, “The How-To Book of Forensic Hypnosis Investigation”.


Together with his personal friend and mentor Dr. Ormond McGill,the “Dean of American Hypnotists“, Tom has co-authored two books, “The How-To Book of Hypnotism” and “Hypnotism – A Hypnosis Training & Techniques Manual – The Real Questions & Answers.”


Tom Silver’s

4 Video ScientifIc Hypnotherapy Training Course

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Hi I’m Tom Silver and I like you will love my four video series Scientific Hypnosis Training Course. In this course, you will learn about Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy. You will be taught a number of amazing physical, rapid hypnosis inductions, instant hypnosis inductions and even hypnosis shock method inductions.


You will learn about weight loss hypnosis, stopping smoking hypnotherapy, removing fears and phobias and much more. I will teach you how to use post hypnotic suggestions to induce the state of hypnosis in a split second and how post hypnotic suggestions are use in your hypnotherapy sessions with your clients.


This amazing course also teaches you EEG hypnosis, the science of using neuro-feedback with your clients and even on yourself for “self hypnosis”. This four video series on Scientific Hypnosis is a course for every hypnotherapist, hypnotist, psychologist, motivator or coach who wants to incorporate hypnosis into their practice. This course is perfect for the novice hypnotist and the professional hypnotist. A wealth of knowledge at your fingertips.


Tom Silver’s


This video will teach you how to hypnotize people, post hypnotic suggestions, and even how to remove a subconscious road block.


Also included is live classroom practice.


You will learn some amazing hypnosis methods for a small download price.


Tom Silver’s


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This video download will teach you a number of very effective hypnosis induction methods to deeply hypnotize most people.


Tom Silver is an international trainer in hypnosis with over 35 years of life experience. This hypnosis inductions training video includes class practice. If you are a hypnotherapist with a private practice, or a novice in hypnosis wanting to learn how to hypnotize someone, this training video is for you. If you are a medical doctor or psychologist wanting to expand your practice by using hypnosis techniques and methods, this streaming training video is perfect for you.

A wealth of knowledge for a very small price.


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