Tom Silver's
One-on-One "Hands On"
Hypnosis Training

Tom Silver’s Personal One-on-One “Hands-On”
SCIENTIFIC HYPNOSIS Training & Certification Course

United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis® (USBCH)


Four Full Days of “One-On-One” Advanced Scientific Hypnosis Training
with Grand-master Hypnotist, Tom Silver

Limited Offer! Only $9,995

Receive unparalleled personal attention!
One-On-One, “Hands-On” Training and LIVE Demonstrations
Conducted by Master Hypnosis Trainer – Tom Silver
Price: $9,995.00


Tom Silver’s Personal “One-on-One”
Training & Certification Course

Four Full Days of “Hands-On” Advanced Training
with Grand-master Hypnotist, Tom Silver

Limited Offer: Now Only $9,995

This is not a group instruction class.
You alone will receive Tom’s unparalleled personal attention –
one-on-one, hands-on training, live demonstrations, and so much more!
Tom doesn’t just TEACH you how… He SHOWS you how.
Then, under his instruction, you too will actually do it ’till you get it RIGHT!

For Beginners or Practicing Hypnotherapists

Your personal instruction will be held at the Private Estate of
Mr. & Mrs. Tom Silver
Medford, Oregon

Upon completion you will receive THREE Certifications

Certified by: United States Board of Clinical Hypnosis (USBCH)®
Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy
Hypnotherapy Safety Certification

Emotion Replacement Therapy®


4 Days of Personal “Hands-on” Training


Scientific Hypnotherapy
EEG Brainwave Neurofeedback
Emotion Replacement Therapy ERT®

You will learn:


Topics Covered in Your Hypnosis Training:

  • Advanced Scientific Hypnotherapy – What it is and how it works.
  • Conducting Full Hypnosis Sessions – From A – Z.
  • Past Life Regression Therapy & Scripts
  • Interactive and Physical Hypnosis Inductions – Have great success with interactive inductions.
  • The Hypnosis Contract with Your Client – Get your client to stayed focus and on track.
  • Advanced Hypnosis Inductions – Utilize modern techniques.
  • Deep Trance Inductions – Bring your clients to the deepest states of hypnosis with confidence.
  • Rapid Inductions – Hypnotize your clients in seconds!
  • Instant, Unexpected Inductions – Shock inductions for highly analytical clients.
  • Visualization, Affirmation & Projection – A highly effective method that achieves results.
  • Reactionary Hypnosis – Produce deeper states of hypnosis.
  • Physical Deepening Techniques – Physical methods to produce deeper stages of hypnosis.
  • Emotion Replacement Therapy E.R.T. “The New Hypnosis Science Technology”
  • Stop Smoking in One Session with E.R.T. – Free clients from smoking in one session.
  • E.R.T. Weight Loss Methods – Super successful weight loss methods.
  • EEG Brainwave Monitoring – Learn brain-wave technology.
  • Rapid Habit Control Methods – Remove client’s negative habits quickly.
  • Removing Fears and Phobias with E.R.T. – Free your clients of unwanted fears and phobias.
  • Early Life Regression Therapy – Powerful methods to get to the root of your clients challenges.
  • Automatic Subconscious Reprogramming Method – Client’s subconscious mind reprograms itself automatically while the hypnotist sits in silence.
  • LIVE Sessions – Witness Tom conduct LIVE hypnotherapy sessions. Tom makes sure you will have the confidence to hypnotize anyone successfully.
  • “Hands On” Practice – You will given the opportunity to practice hypnosis on a live subject with Tom’s guidance.
  • Self Hypnosis – You will learn how to lower your own brainwaves with Tom’s techniques.
  • Tom’s “New Method” of Hypnotherapy – Does not use the word “hypnosis” or “sleep.”
  • Marketing Your Hypnosis Practice – Promote your business without paying a dime!
  • Hypnosis Safety – Learn hypnosis safety techniques.
  • Telephone Hypnotherapy – Hypnotize your clients over the telephone.
  • Hypnotize a Traumatized Person – How to instantly hypnotize someone in a trauma state.
  • Hypnotize Groups of Clients – Learn group hypnosis induction methods.
  • Company & Corporate Hypnosis – Corporate motivation through hypnosis techniques.
  • And Much More…

Four (4) Days of Dynamic Scientific and EEG Hypnosis Instruction with International Renowned Hypnotist and Founder of Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT®)… Tom Silver!



by Tom Silver

Powerful hypnotic methods, deepening techniques and unbeatable exercises. Includes EEG Brain Wave Graphs and a diagram of the Autonomic Nervous System. In this Scientific Hypnotherapy Training Manual you will learn Scientific Hypnotherapy and Brain Wave Technology, Visualization, Affirmation and Projection, how to make The Contract with Your Client, Somnambulist Induction & Advanced Deep Hypnosis Techniques, Hypnosis Deepening Techniques (scripts), Hypnotherapy Scripts to Stop Smoking, Lose Weight, Remove Fears and Phobias, Visual Imagery Scripts & Habit Removal techniques, scripts and suggestions for Sleep Problems, Group Hypnosis, How to Conduct a 30 Minute Session (full script of pre-hypnosis hypnotherapy), Early Age and Past Life Regression scripts and techniques, scripts for a variety of Client Problems, Translingual Hypnosis and Forensic Hypnosis Methods that work.

A $299.00 value INCLUDED with your training!


Removing and Replacing Negative Emotions and Habits from your Subconscious Mind

by Tom Silver
Clinical Hypnotherapist & “Life-Change Expert”

I have created a very powerful subconscious mind technology and reprogramming technique that can help almost everybody who suffers from emotional-related habits, negative thoughts and anxieties. My new revolutionary method is called “Emotion Replacement Therapy” or E.R.T.®

This training video will teach you how to help people let go, and replace their negative emotions with positive emotions, which can aid them in achieving a more happy and successful life. E.R.T.® can help you remove your clients Fears and Phobias and works great with “Generalize Anxiety Disorder.”

A $99.95 value INCLUDED with your training!


A Brand New Induction Method for Self-Hypnosis

by Tom Silver
Clinical Hypnotherapist & “Life-Change Expert”

Super Sonic Self Hypnosis is a brand new hypnosis method to hypnotize yourself anytime and any place so that you can be your own hypnotherapist enabling you to create many positive changes in your life. With Super Sonic Self Hypnosis, you can increase your confidence and motivation. You can over come obstacles that may stand in the way of your life like stopping smoking or losing weight. This very powerful self hypnosis method created by renowned hypnotist Tom Silver actually enables you to enter into a very deep receptive brain wave state of theta and delta which is the scientific terms for deep hypnosis. In this very receptive state of physical relaxation and mind concentration, you can actually reinforce and even reprogram your own subconscious bio computer and hard drive, which is your subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is only about 10% of our total mind power, and our subconscious mind (the part of our mind that stores all of our habits and emotions) is about 90% of our mind power. That part of our mind is like a computer’s hard drive where all the files and folders and programs are located. With Super Sonic Self Hypnosis, you can actually go into those old files, habits, emotions and mind software programs and delete them out of your mind and install new positive mind software programs that can enable you to create better health, positive emotions and positive habits, that will enable you to reach your goals in life.

We go into these states of brainwave frequency activation all the time. Watching movies, driving your car and day dreaming, music and sports events all create a state of magnified concentration, and that’s what hypnosis really is, magnified concentration and magnified focus. And while you are in this state of magnified concentration, you can give yourself positive mental messages relating to the goals that you want to achieve in your life such as having more energy, playing better sports, sleeping deeply at night, being more successful, and any goals to you want to achieve, you can program and install them right into your own powerful mental computer. How wonderful is that? This special dvd will teach you the wonderful method of Super Sonic Self Hypnosis, and you will be able to hypnotize yourself and give yourself positive messages and suggestions every day! This program is designed for adults only and is not recommended for minors under 18 years old.

A $49.95 value INCLUDED with your training!

DVD: “BLINK HYPNOSIS” – A Split Second Trance Induction

A Brand New Deep Induction Method

by Tom Silver
Clinical Hypnotherapist & “Life-Change Expert”

Eyes Blinking Instant Physical Hypnosis Induction Method BLINK is a revolutionary split second trance method that produces the deepest and most receptive states of hypnosis in a matter of seconds. This technique is great for hypnotherapists, NLP therapists and students of hypnotism.

You can perform this deep trance induction method anytime and any place. In this DVD, you will be able to actually see the technique conducted live my master of hypnosis Tom Silver, and you will be able to practice Blink Hypnosis with the class right in your own home. Blink will astound you and it is easy to learn. Be sure to watch for Tom Silver’s other hypnosis inductions and methods which will be available soon on this web site.

A $49.95 value INCLUDED with your training!

Look at how much money you save with your “Hands On”
Advanced “Scientific Hypnosis” Training & Certification Course
when you order now:

  • LIVE ONE-on-ONE INSTRUCTION: “Tom Silver’s ‘Hands-On’ SCIENTIFIC HYPNOSIS Training” – Four (4) complete, full days of personal intense, energetic training by World Renowned Hypnotist, Tom Silver.
  • TRAINING MANUAL #1: “Scientific Hypnotherapy Training Manual” by Tom Silver
    Regular Price $299.00 – Included with Training!
  • TRAINING MANUAL #2: “Advanced Scientific Hypnosis Inductions” by Tom Silver
    Regular Price $199.00 – Included with Training!
  • BOOK: “HYPNOTISM” A Hypnosis Training & Techniques Manual / The Real Questions & Answers
    by Tom Silver and Ormond McGill

    Regular Price $19.95 – Included with Training!
    Regular Price $99.95 – Included with Training!
  • DVD TRAINING VIDEO: “SUPER SONIC Self-Hypnosis” by Tom Silver
    Regular Price $49.95 – Included with Training!
  • DVD TRAINING VIDEO: “BLINK – A Split Second Trance Induction” by Tom Silver
    Regular Price $49.95 – Included with Training!

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