I’m Hypnotherapist Tom Silver, the creator and developer of EEG Neuro-Scientific Hypnosis and Emotion Replacement Therapy (E.R.T.®), and I have been helping people just like you make positive change in their lives for over 35 years!

As an EEG Neuro-Scientific Hypnotherapist, I am an expert in helping clients overcome or remove all the subconscious cognitive and emotional obstacles that stand in the way of their optimal mental and physical health, happiness, and success. And, I can help you too! We’ll work together to reach all your goals and achieve the success you’ve been looking for.

You may be wondering, “What is EEG Neuro-Scientific Hypnotherapy?” It simply means that I incorporate the use of an electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor your brainwave activity during our hypnosis sessions. The EEGgives me an instant, real-time feedback that verifies when you reach the deepest susceptive level of brainwave activity, the ideal state and condition for applying my hypnotherapy techniques and suggestions and E.R.T, that will achieve the greatest effectiveness in making  the desired subconscious changes on your behalf.

If you want to stop smoking, end drug addiction, remove your fears, increase motivation, lose weight, have better focus and concentration, let go of fears, remove your road blocks, play better sports, and to able to reach your goals in your life, then maybe hypnotherapy is right for you. 


You deserve the best of health, happiness, and success and with the Science of Hypnosis, you will have better health, more happiness, and unstoppable success!  I’m Tom Silver your hypnotherapist.




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Suffering from Too Much Stress?

Do You Struggle With Losing Weight?

Are You Hooked on Drugs?

Have You Tried to Stop Smoking and Can’t?

Do You Lack Motivation?

Do You Want to Let Go of Anger?

Do You Need to Stop Drinking?

Do You Experience Extreme Anxiety or Fear?

Do You Have Sports Blocks & Limitations?

Are You Suffering from Chronic Physical Pain?

Do You Have “Fear of Success”?

Do You Need More Self-Confidence?

Do You Have Creativity Blocks?

Do You Worry Too Much?

Can’t Let Go of a Past Love Relationship?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then you’ve finally come to the right place.

I can truly help you!

Hypnotherapy has proven to be very successful in helping people overcome mental and even physical obstacles that stand in the way of their health, happiness, and success in life. Hypnotherapy can help you too!

With hypnotherapy sessions, you can lose weight or stop smoking. You can overcome those cravings, dependencies and addictions that you have no control over. You can also eliminate fears and phobic anxieties, reduce stress and tension, and become more confident and more motivated in your life. Hypnosis can increase your memory and can also be used for sports enhancement, regression therapy, and sleep deprivation. You can become more relaxed and a more positive person. Hypnotherapy can also greatly reduce or eliminate anger, frustrations, and worries because it helps you to let go of negative emotions and negative habits.

Private Hypnosis Sessions can change your life by helping you to take positive and healthy control of your mind and body. I would love to speak to you personally about what you would like to accomplish and how I can help you with hypnosis.

I conduct Private Hypnotherapy Sessions in my home in Medford, Oregon. My sessions are one full-hour long, and I record each session and provide you with a copy for you to use at home as a self-hypnosis reinforcement program.

As previously mentioned. I also use state of the art EEG Brainwave Neurofeedback to scientifically validate your depth of hypnosis and you session success.

If you would like to talk and/or set up a personal private appointment

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I also conduct private Neuro-Scientific Hypnotherapy E.R.T. Sessions on Skype. If you’re connected to the internet, Skype can make it easy for us to conduct a private hypnotherapy session right in your own home, with or without video!


I can record your Skype Session and send you a DVD, CD or download of the recorded session. That way you can make your change a permanent one by replaying your session(s) every day, continuing on your own to reinforce the positive mental messages that have been embedded in your subconscious.

I also conduct private Neuro-Scientific Hypnotherapy E.R.T. Sessions via Telephone. A simple phone call can make it easy for us to conduct a private hypnotherapy session right from your own home, or anywhere you happen to be.


I can record your Phone Session and send you a CD of the audio recorded session or email you a link to download the file. That way you can make your change a permanent one by replaying your session(s) every day, continuing on your own to reinforce the positive mental messages that have been embedded in your subconscious.

Using my latest cutting-edge hypnosis induction methods, and through the application of E.R.T.®, I am able to achieve significant success in removing fears & phobias, addictions (cigarettes, drugs, sex, etc), negative habits, PTSD, OCD, anxieties, depression and more, as well as helping to instill more self-confidence, self-esteem, focus & concentration, energy, discipline and a positive outlook.

Most clients experience complete success with only one to three sessions, and in most cases one session is all you’ll need!

I offer hypnotherapy sessions privately, in person, and also by Skype, Facetime or telephone. All sessions are recorded for you as a reinforcement, self-hypnosis program at no additional charge!


I also offer personalized self-hypnosis programs customized to your own goals in life, available on CD or download.

My private hypnotherapy sessions are one full-hour or more, and include a CD or download MP3 of your session for you to use to reinforce your new positive life changes. Hypnotherapy can really help you to reach your goals in life!

One-on-one private hypnotherapy session $500.00.   Price reduced by 50%, Now Only $250.00


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