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Tom Silver Presents

21st Century Hypnotherapy Training of Ormond McGill

A 5 DVD Home Study Training Course
by “The Dean of American Hypnotists” ORMOND McGill


Get “Hands-On” Training from The Foremost Leader in Eastern & Western Hypnotherapy


The Greatest Home Study Hypnosis Course Available Today

Finally, here’s a break through Hypnosis Course that will give you a firm foundation and understanding of the basic elements of hypnosis, as well as teach you many advanced “secret” techniques that will give you skills beyond those of even most experienced professional hypnotherapists.


Imagine the prestige, respect and money that can be yours when you gain the knowledge required to become a successful hypnotherapist!


This is the greatest home study hypnosis course available today, where YOU will learn the true secrets of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, ans well as never before seen hypnosis methods & inductions – taught to you personally by “The Dean of American Hypnotists” himself – Dr. Ormond McGill.



This is not some shallow, elementary program or one of those “For Dummies” hypnosis cook books.
This is not some collection of obsolete, worn-out scripts that have been floating around the internet for years.
This is not some progressive relaxation program that takes hours and achieves no results.
This is not some low quality video, shot in a garage by someone who just graduated from a “ten-cent” training course and now calls themselves a hypnosis trainer.



This is the REAL DEAL… The “HOLY GRAIL” of training courses, the “Lost Treasure of Atlantis” for any aspiring hypnotist searching for an honest, easy-to-follow home study program, with lots of group practice and step-by-step guidance from one of the most respected and notable hypnotherapy trainers in the world today, Dr. Ormond McGill.


Ormond McGill was a pioneer of new and advanced (and even fun) hypnosis methods, techniques and formulas that are proven to work and easy to learn. And now you can learn from the master himself with this specially formulated home study program!



• Demonstrations of amazing Deep Trance Inductions.
• The power of a Post Hypnotic Suggestion.
• Mesmerism and the process of hypnotizing using the Mesmermic Passes.
• Live Hypnosis Stage Show with special techniques from Ormond McGill.
• Producing Deep Trance States while using ideo-motor response.
• Live Hypnotherapy Sessions conducted by Ormond McGill.
• Step-by-step, easy to follow skill building exercises that will increase your confidence and ability to hypnotize anybody anytime and anywhere.
• Step-by-step class-room practice with Ormond McGill guiding you through every powerful technique.
• How to hypnotize someone in seconds with Powerful Inductions.
• How to create powerful, long-lasting post-hypnotic mental messages that trigger the subconscious bio computer to continue on a path of success and happiness.
• How to project your energy and achieve magnified concentration that will make your words explode with success in producing deep trance states.
• How to hypnotize a whole group of people.
• How to hypnotize a group of people standing and using the “Force”.
• Learn about are brainwaves and hypnosis.
• Learn about Visualization, Affirmation and Projection.


What Are You Waiting For?


The Complete 5 DVD Set:

“21st Century Hypnotherapy Training” Ormond McGill’s Home Study Course


Look at how much money you save if you order now:

Almost 10 full hours of hypnosis video training – Fast moving, compelling, inspiring and informative, jam-packed with practical, exciting and useful information from Master Hypnotist and “The Dean of American Hypnotists” – Dr. Ormond McGill.


Now You Can Gain Incredible Confidence
by Learning Hypnosis in the Privacy of Your Own Home

There is no other course like this one in the world that teaches you so much. You’ll gain incredible confidence as you deliver powerful suggestions that really work to affect permanent change in your subjects.


Your instructor’s hypnosis qualifications

Ormond McGill was a skilled hypnotherapist and a student of Eastern Mysticism. He wrote somewhere between twenty-five and forty books (sources disagree on the total), including such titles as “Hypnotism and Mysticism in India”, and his autobiography, “The Amazing Life of Ormond McGill”, “The Encyclopedia of Genuine Stage Hypnotism” as well as a number of books with co-author and fellow-hypnotist Tom Silver, two of which are “The How To Book of Hypnotism” and “Hypnotism Training & Techniques Manual.


Ormond McGill achieved many of his greatest insights near the end of his life as he combined his profound mastery of many hypnotic techniques; his deep personal understanding of Eastern systems of meditation, mysticism, wisdom and healing; and his creativity, vision, compassion, humor and life experience. Known as “The Dean of American Hypnotism”, he continued to teach courses and lecture right up until a few days before his death. He passed away on October 19, 2005 in town where he was born – Palo Alto, California


His best piece of advice: “Make life your playground, not your battlefield.”


Teaching Experience

Ormond McGill knows how to inspire and teach people with his wisdom and humor. Knowing something and being able to teach it are two different things. There are lots of people out there who have good hypnosis skills, but the information is so poorly put together that it’s difficult to learn, or they bore you to death. You can’t get motivated to learn from a Dead-Beat trainer! Ormond McGill was the most recognized hypnotist in the world and a true leader in the field of hypnotism.


Gain a solid foundation in beginning hypnosis or advance your existing hypnosis knowledge to the next level and beyond.



21st Century Hypnotherapy Training of Dr.Ormond McGill DVD Set

$495.00 Regular Price
$295.00Sale Price
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