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Tom Silver Presents

A Brand New DVD teaches “YOU” Secret Methods of E.R.T.


Special 12 page booklet included in DVD case with full written ERT stop smoking scripts, hypnosis inductions, deepening methods, visual imagery suggestions, and more!



A brand new DVD with instruction/script booklet enclosed in the DVD is an amazing method that will enable with long term cigarette addictions to stop smoking within one to a few short sessions. E.R.T. was created by me Tom Silver over 20 years ago and a Neuro-Scientific method that is more powerful then hypnosis and conventional therapy treatments to remove addictions, habits, and negative emotions.


Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT) for Stopping Smoking, Alcohol & Drug Addictions, Fears and Phobias, Depression, PTSD, and more.


Tom Silver, Life Change Expert and Clinical Hypnotherapist, has created a new, revolutionary scientific breakthrough method called Emotion Replacement Therapy®, better known as E.R.T.


Emotion Replacement Therapy® works by reprogramming your bio-subconscious computer (the subconscious mind) and removing mental viruses, such as fears and negative habits, and replaces those negative mental or physical habits or fears with new, positive habits and emotions.


E.R.T. produces astonishing results very quickly, and can help remove fears and phobias and negative physical and mental habits forever. This cutting edge technological therapy process removes negative emotions and mind activity that are the triggers behind fears, drug habits, alcoholism, depression, stress, anger, OCD, PTSD, as well as many other challenges and obstacles in peoples lives.


Once the emotions and the neuro-chemicals that are stimulated and produced by these triggers, or incorrect cognitive thought processes are deleted and removed from a persons subconscious hard drive (Bio Computer), then the new positive emotions, triggers and links are subconsciously downloaded and installed in a clients subconscious mind which enables them to have a better quality of life and a total freedom from the underlying symptoms and direct causes that has limited their true freedoms in life.


In the research Tom has conducted over the past 20 years with thousands of clients, Emotion Replacement Therapy (ERT®) has been far more successful than traditional
hypnosis/hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and prescription medicine symptom reducers and limiters.


Emotion Replacement Therapy® for PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Emotion Replacement Therapy has proven to be the number one most successful method and technique in helping thousands of people overcome the effects of PTSD. There are events that happen to us as children or adults that are so overwhelming and inherently frightening that they cause transient (temporary), and in some cases, permanent changes in our physical and psychological responses to stress. In general, post-traumatic stress disorder can be seen as an overwhelming of the body’s normal psychological defenses against stress. Thus, after the trauma, there is abnormal function (dysfunction) of the normal defense systems, which results in certain symptoms.


What are some of the current treatment options?


#1 Treatment is “DRUGS!”
(Emotional-mood bandage with limited success in most cases)


#2: Cognitive therapy
Involves separating the intrusive thoughts from the associated anxiety that they produce. Additionally, it involves changing the sequence of thought patterns that occurs whenever the patient is exposed to the traumatic stimulus. Cognitive therapy seriously diminishes the power of these reminders to cause severe reactions.
(Limited success in most cases)


#3: Stress inoculation training
This therapy includes relaxation. It also involves carefully monitoring the patient’s thoughts that follow from thinking about the traumatic event. When thoughts of the trauma do occur, the patient uses a script that was created in therapy to attempt to change their thoughts that follow thinking about the trauma. Patients may even need to imagine themselves as someone else (role playing) to bring about this change in their thought pattern. But then, the role-playing gradually becomes the reality
(Limited success in most cases)


#4: Visualization techniques and confidence builders, such as positive self-talk and social skills training.

In visualization techniques, patients train themselves to recall and visualize a particularly peaceful or pleasant place or situation whenever thoughts of the trauma occur.
(Limited success in most cases)


#5: Peer group support
Used for the treatment of numbing, residents learn from one another to reconnect with feelings, decrease isolation, learn new coping strategies
(Limited success in most cases)


#6: ERT®
“New cutting edge method” Emotion Replacement Therapy to remove, delete and replace the emotional impact of PTSD.
(This is the most effective scientific method to remove and delete PTSD)




As a pioneer in the development of Scientific Hypnosis, I discovered that employing the electroencephalogram (EEG) to monitor brainwave activity during hypnosis sessions has become an invaluable tool in perfecting new induction methods, as well as its use in the application of hypnotherapy techniques. As a result or my research and experimentation, I have developed a new, ground-breaking Scientific Hypnosis Therapy technique that I call Emotion Replacement Therapy or E.R.T®.


E.R.T.®Emotion Replacement Therapy®, is a cutting-edge technological Hypnosis Therapy Process that can be used to rapidly reprogram the subconscious mind (a bio-subconscious computer) to remove “mental viruses” such as fears, phobias, negative habits, addictions, anxiety, depression, stress, anger, OCD and PTSD and other negative thought-based maladies by replacing those negative mental, emotional or psychosomatic physical disorders with new, positive habits and healthy emotions.


By utilizing a variety of my original physical and rapid induction techniques that produce “theta” and “delta” states of brainwave activity, the EEG can scientifically monitor when these more accurate and deeper levels of hypnosis are reached. It is at this critical state that the application of E.R.T. achieves its greatest effectiveness.


In most cases Emotion Replacement Therapy (E.R.T.®) has proven to be more successfulthan traditional hypnosis/hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and prescription medicine symptom reducers and limiters.


$100.00 Regular Price
$69.95Sale Price
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