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Tom Silver Presents

Your Soul’s Pathway to Life



An Enlightening Book to Give You Peace of Mind by Tom Silver


This enlightening book will give you a new peace in life, as well as in your transition to the other side. You will find tranquility and comfort after you have read the message of great joy called “Never Fear Dying Again.”


This text brings all mankind, East and West, in brotherhood by providing an intimate mapping of the pathway which leads to life beyond.  The message enclosed wipes away all grief, sorrows, and fears as it becomes known that what is called “death” is but the doorway to eternal life, and our ever-evolving quest to understand leads us to the greatest happiness known. 


The chapters in this book include:

  • Dr. Frank Rubio’s reincarnated life
  • Many Lives Many Reincarnations
  • Solving The Mystery of Death
  • Where Are We After We Die?
  • The Spirit World & The Astral Plane
  • The Experience of Dying
  • The Sleeping Soul
  • The Awakening of The Soul
  • Astral World Geography
  • Existence In The Astral World
  • Astral Religious Beliefs
  • Spirit Concepts of Heaven & Hell
  • Astral World Creativity
  • Astral Plane Occupations
  • Astral Love and Friendship
  • Spirit Communication
  • The Second Soul Sleep
  • Reincarnation
  • On into the Infinite
  • Past life and Early Age Regression


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NEVER FEAR DYING AGAIN Your Soul’s Pathway to Life Book

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