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Tom Silver Presents

The How-To Book of

Solving Crimes with Hypnotism by Tom Silver


This book explores the use of forensic hypnosis in memory activation.

In July of 1997, Tom Silver was awarded the “Gold Plate of Honor” from the Taiwan Department of Defense Minister for his contribution to forensic hypnosis in Taiwan.


This training manual teaches the forensic Hypno-Investigation Techniques that earned him this prestigious recognition. If you have ever wanted to know how to use hypnosis in investigation for activating memory pertaining to crimes, murders, and other criminal events, this is the perfect training manual for you. Hypnosis Investigation is a useful tool for Police, Detectives, Lawyers, Sheriff’s, and even private investigators. Tom Silver has trained law enforcement in these methods of Forensic Hypnosis Investigation and you can learn how to use hypnosis as a tool to gather accurate information which may results and gathering leads to solve crimes.  Most conscious memory is contaminated memory, distorted memory, false memory, and imagined memory.  Subconscious memory activated through hypnosis and regression to an event or crime can be the most specific accurate memory that may give an investigator the specific details needed to solve a case. This book teaches you how to just do that!


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